Frequently Asked Questions

Are the virtual courses hybrid or streamed?

It depends on the professor.

How many courses can I take?

As many as your institution will allow.

Can I take courses from multiple universities at the same time?
How can I enroll?

Processes are different for each institution. Make sure to contact the course coordinator to get more information. 

Will I receive ECTS for participation?

If you want them, yes. 

Will the credits be recognized at my home university?

Yes. However, please check with your diploma coordinator to make sure. 

What does a participation entail? / Will there be an assessment at the end?

Participation entails that you need to attend all classes and the exam. You will then either obtain a certificate of attendance or a transcript of records. 

Will there be any costs?

No. If you are an ATHENA European University student, you will not have to pay any kind of fee. 

Will I be enrolled at the partner university?

It depends on the institution’s process but yes you might be enrolled at the university.